Google Adsense Publishers Dashboard Indicating Zero Earnings, Zero Statistics and Zero Page Views.



Publishers across several countries are witnessing a rare incident, where Google Adsense is showing zero earnings, Zero statistics and Zero page views on their dashboards, but their websites are receiving normal traffic. Google is yet to explain why this is happening.

Below are some of the comments from publishers


“My dashboard is showing zero earnings yet I am receiving traffic, what could be the problem?”


“For the past four hours I have been checking my dashboard to see whether statistics have changed but I am seeing zero revenue”.


“mine too has issues,hope Google will resolve the problem as soon as possible”.

The problem is being experienced by thousands of publishers worldwide but it should not worry anyone-it will be resolved.

Most publishers and website owners started experiencing the problem yesterday on October 10,2016.Since then the dashboard is showing zero earnings,which I know is devastating.

Though there is no official statement from Google,the problem will be fixed-this is not the first time it’s being experienced.