Forget About Ruto, This Is What Almost Gave Boniface Mwangi Heart Attack


boniface-mwangiActivist Boniface Mwangi explains why he almost got a heart attack after selling his Ksh 800,000 for Ksh250, 000.

In an emotional Facebook post, Boniface explains that he lost his expensive bicycle but never published his book in time.The whole process drained him to the level where he was forced to borrow from enemies.

Boniface is now a happy man after he cleared the bills to publish his new book titles,”UnBounded”

Boniface explains below:

“I smile a lot. My friends can tell when l am faking a smile. This last 9 months haven’t been all smiles. I have wept, choked and spent many nights as I toiled to publish my book.

I wept, choked and wiped away tears but continued working. When l started writing the book, it was meant to be purely a photography book, the best of my works. Then l decided to share my life story as part of the book.

Writing the stories, choosing the images hasn’t been an easy journey. I thought writing a book is like a bachelor having a boiled egg for dinner, all you need is heat, water, an egg and dinner is served. After all that’s how l used to do it when l was a bachelor.
I had the photos and all l needed was a designer to put my work together. Many months later, and after spending so much money l have learnt my lesson. I even sold my bike for Ksh 250,000 something that l had bought for Sh 800,000. I borrowed from friends, family and frenemies, the book had to be finished. I had to worry about the creative process and the publishing part. The book was meant to be launched in March 2016, has ended up having a long delay.

It has taken a lot of courage to open up about my story and highlight the most defining moments of my life in the hope that they will ignite a spark, inspire those who read it to be all that they can be for themselves, their country and the world.

I write this with a lot of excitement and with a real smile. My book- ‘UnBounded’ is coming out in December”