Shocking! This Is What Women Do With Care Takers and Agents in Nairobi



There is a serious concern by men in Nairobi after it has emerged that their wives and girlfriends are sleeping with care takers especially when the husbands are away at work. A man referred to as Njuguna gave shocking revelation about how he discovered his wife was sleeping with a care taker. This is Njuguna’s story.

“I live in a tall apartment at Umoja.My house rent is Ksh 8,500,which is paid by my wife because I am responsible for paying school fees for our children and settling other bills,I am also building a house in Muranga.

The moment I told my wife to pay rent, she didn’t oppose my opinion-I was happy. In three years, she has been paying rent without any struggle up until last month when the care taker’s wife came to my home to complain that my wife is destroying her marriage. I was shocked to hear that.

One day as I was driving home, I realized my wife was walking alongside our care taker, and they were sharing jokes. I pretended I didn’t see them.

One hour later my wife had not arrived at home. I decided to go to Donholm shopping centre where I saw them.I almost fainted when I saw the two in a restaurant, and my wife was holding the care taker’s hand.

That evening I was furious and when I asked what was going on between the two, she replied: “you are a useless man, you know the care taker is the one paying our rent and he is even better than you in all aspects”.That was the time I said enough is enough and we divorced”.

Even as Njuguna explains his story, there are many women who have confessed to have slept with care takers in Nairobi. A lady identified as Grace told us:

“My boyfriend is in Kisumu and he comes only once a month.Of course I love him but I won’t wait until he comes so that we can have [email protected] care taker is handsome and we agreed that he does the job when the boyfriend is not around.He has also reduced my rent to Ksh 5,000 from Ksh8,000”.

Another lady we received an email from told us how she was tempted to sleep with a land lord but unfortunately she was infected with HIV.

“I am a mother of two and married to a police officer who works in Marsabit.My husband was transferred in February this year and told me to live in Nairobi because there are good schools and conducive environment. The moment he relocated to North Eastern, our land lord started hitting on me.I had stayed for one month without seeing my husband, so I decided to steal for him, little did I know I was to get HIV.I am now HIV positive .I infected my husband in August when he visited us but he is not aware-I feel guilt”, Esther Confesses.