Best and Most Profitable Companies to Start in Kenya.



In Kenya, you can register a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited company. It doesn’t matter what time of company you register, what matters is the profit you will earn from your business.Currently,not every business is profitable in the country, but there are companies which are doing very well.

No one plans to fail in business-everyone wants to be successful. This is why you should, as entrepreneur, ensure you perform pilot studies to determine what kind of business can have maximum returns. Our research shows that if you register any of these companies in Kenya, you will definitely make it.

Construction Company

Real estate is growing tremendously, so does the number of millionaires in this sector. Starting a construction company may require some considerable amount of money, but after setting it up you will only hear of failure from other entrepreneurs.

Supply/tender business

Tender business is definitely the safest and quickest route to wealthy in Kenya. If you can be able to win even a single tender especially with the government, you will notice that there is money in the country.

There are no people in Kenya making the amount of money entrepreneurs in this sector make.

Real Estate Company

There are already many companies operating in Kenya, but real estate sector still has several opportunities. Your work, once you join the sector will be to build cheap houses and apartments for rent, or buy and sell land. You can also specialize in asset management.

Betting Company

It requires one to have at least Ksh50 million to operate a meaningful betting company in this country. If you have such amount, don’t hesitate.

Kenyans bet as if there is no tomorrow, and the craze is not going to end any soon.

Clearing and forwarding Company

If you get a chance to handle customs goods, you will enjoy making millions. This business is owned by the likes of Hassan Joho, Uhuru, Raila, Mudavadi and many other top politicians. It is one of the most profitable businesses in the country.

Online shop

I can’t promise that you will make millions out of the business, but what I can promise, if you aggressively advertise your products, you can make it.

Nowadays people purchase products, especially smartphones online. In future, people will not visit shops, instead they will order from online shops.

In Kenya we have Jumia and Kilimall, which are doing extremely well.


Kenyans love beer, they will even skip meals for Tusker or Guinness.

A brewery require millions of shillings but it’s ideal for entrepreneurs who intend to succeed in Kenya.