Amount of Money Top Blogs Make Per Month in Kenya



Blogging has become a career, where individuals who have passion in writing have found ideal venture to earn a living. In Kenya, several blogs exist but only 20 % of the active ones make significant amount of money. The most popular, mostly owned by real bloggers make as high as Ksh2 million per month.

If you care to read, here is the amount of money popular blogs in Kenya make per month.


OLX is one of the most popular websites in the country, where buyers and sellers meet. The website, is ranked 25th in Kenya and makes Ksh 800,000-Ksh1.2mper month from advertisements.


Kenyamoja is another popular Kenyan website, which is ranked 19th in the country. The owner has several income streams which earn him Ksh 400,00-Ksh600,000 per month


Kenyans heavily relies on a single income stream but it’s popular enough to earn Ksh 250,000-Ksh350,000 per month.

For the past one year, has grown to become one of the most popular blogs in the country.


Mpasho is owned by Radio Africa and has positioned itself as the best gossip and entertainment website in the country. Most of the adverts at are from individual companies who pay as high as Ksh 100,000 per month.

The blog has several income streams, which include sponsored posts, and banners from various companies. The total revenue earned by Mpasho in a good month is Ksh 450,000-Ksh 600, 000, but due to excessive advertising by the company, the net revenue is slightly less than Ksh300, 000

Daily Post Kenya

Daily Post Kenya is the most entertaining blog in Kenya, and attracts readers of all age groups. The blog has a single income stream which earns the owner Ksh 250,000-Ksh400,000 per month.


Ghafla has several income streams, which include sponsored posts, AdSense and many other banners from private companies. The blog, once the most popular entertainment blog, earns the owner, Majani, over Ksh 800,000 per month.

Nairobi wire

Nairobi Wire is an entertainment blog which has existed in the country for more than 5 years. The blog has original and entertaining content, which makes users glued to it day in day out.

In a good month, Nairobi Wire makes Ksh150, 000-Ksh250, 000 per month.


BrighterMonday is a job portal which connects employers to employees by advertising jobs for Kenyan employers.The blog has become so popular that 70 % of Kenyans searching for jobs must browse through the website daily.

BrighterMonday has several income streams, and the combined income totals Ksh 1M-Ksh2.5 million per month.


Tuko started operating in Kenya in the year 2014.Within two years, the blog has risen to become one of the most popular blogs in Kenya.

Tuko now ranks 39 in Kenya and makes at least Ksh 450,000 per month.

Careerpoint Kenya

Careerpoint is the second most popular job blog in Kenya. In a good month the blog earns the owners Ksh 350,000 from a single income stream. The blog has also incorporated professional CV writing services whose income adds to the Ksh350,000.