My Brother’s Wife Says, Ouch! Ouch! shiii!Shii! When A am Doing Massage on Her. She also Shakes a lot as She Holds Me Tight. What Can I Do



My name is Dominic and I live with my brother’s wife in Nairobi. My brother is in America and not bothered to visit his wife, who has always stayed lonely for 1 year.

Every evening the wife tells me to massage her, she claims her body is full of fatigue and without massage she can develop body complications. In a week, I do it four times, in her bedroom.

Now it has reached a moment where she makes noise when I am doing massage. She always cry Ouch! Ouch! shiii!Shii! and even hold me tight as am doing it. When I notice that she is exceeding limits I move away.But she always says “please proceed”

I don’t want to mess with my brother’s marriage because I believe marriage belongs to God. I have always told my brother to allow me go to the village but he has refused to set me free. He tells me to take care of his wife and not to allow “vultures” to interfere. Now I am confused, what can I do?