South African Bride Dumped on Honeymoon After Husband Saw Her With No Make Up For the First Time


wifeA disappointed South African bridegroom has divorced his wife of one day after discovering she wasn’t looking as pretty as she looked when they were dating.

The 40-year-old man took the decision after realizing that the bride was using too much cosmetics to look beautiful when they were dating, but had one of the ugliest faces in South Africa.

“I think I have married a mongoose. Initially, my wife was stunningly beautiful. I loved being around to see how she was glittering.

I have never seen such ugly face. I resolved to divorce her because I knew she was beautiful, only to realize I had been duped. Now I feel free after letting her free”.

After being contacted, the bride defended herself claiming she was applying cosmetics so that she could get her dream husband. After getting one, she didn’t mind walking without cosmetics. She now regrets her actions.