Bernie Sanders Tears Donald Trump Apart-See What He Said



Donald Trump is in hot soup after being rejected by even his closest allies,he has nowhere to hide. He is clearly losing this seat, whether he prays on the mountains, in the sea or in his bathroom, Hillary will beat him before noon. Bernie Sanders has openly said Trump should continue being a “socialite”, he isn’t a presidential material.

See what Sanders said about the real estate investor:

“I say to Donald Trump: Instead of giving speeches about trade why don’t you lead by example and make your goods in America

Look, if Donald Trump was really concerned about companies going abroad maybe, just maybe Donald Trump would move his manufacturing plants out of Bangladesh where workers are paid just 30 cents an hour. Maybe, just maybe Donald Trump would make his ties in the United States, not in China. Or his clothing that is made in Mexico. Or his picture frames that are made in India. Or his barware that’s made in Slovenia. Or his furniture that’s made in Turkey”