Women in These Careers are the most Expensive To Maintain-Only Rich Men Can Marry Them



Nature dictates that men should marry women who are slightly below them in terms of finances and wealth. Even so, there are several cases of women who have broken this norm. But there are women, in some careers, who expect to be recipients, always, and are the most expensive to maintain. Such women can only be traced to the following careers.

Pilots and Cabin Crew

The kind of lifestyle female pilots and cabin crew are exposed to makes it mandatory for them to get married to the highest bidder. Since these women are extremely beautiful, more so cabin crew, it’s hard for any man to lower their standards by being strict on budget. As a man, you should give money without conditions, invest on her hair, nails, fashion clothes, cars, holidays in exotic places and gifts, which is a wasteful investment.


Female journalist worship beauty, and they put beauty even ahead of their lives. Any man who is willing to marry a journalist must either be a tycoon or working at a prestigious institution.

Journalists are beautiful, we agree, but the expenses you will incur towards her beauty will cost you a fortune.


Female lawyers have a certain ego which makes them hate poor men. For you to reach their status, you must be a tycoon.

Law is among the best paying professions in the world and among careers with the most brilliant minds-female lawyers know that, which is why they live a boastful life and end up being single forever.


Politicians are other people who never stop to amaze. Their lifestyle demand that they get hooked to men of class, people who don’t get bankrupt.

If you intend to marry a politician, you have to be loaded.


Female doctors make money like hell.These people have cut a niche for themselves in terms of social class and finances.You should be financially stable,a millionaire,if you have set eyes on a doctor.