Museveni takes HIV Test.Is He Positive or Negative? (photo)



Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni has taken HIV test to determine whether he is positive or negatives. As expected, the result didn’t shock a crowd that had gathered to witness a rare occasion.Museveni was found to be HIV negative.

One of the most shocking information we received is that the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Health Dr.Dianah Atwine carried out the HIV test on President Museveni without gloves, which is very dangerous and scaring.

After the test,Museveni told his citizens:

“I encourage everyone to go for HIV screening to determine your status.Taking the initiative will help you plan for your life well,and in case you are found to be positive, you can be placed under ARV drugs”.

Below is a photo of Museveni taking the test