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“Sex Is Sweeter Than Anything On Earth” – Ghanaian Virgin Pastor Says After Finally Having Sex For The First Time In His Life


antwiA Ghanian pastor has tasted sweetest thing ever..a woman. Apostle Job Antwi the spokesperson of the Association of Virgin Pastors in Ghana has been a virgin since he was born, but this week, a woman convinced him to sleep with her. The experience he got made her regret why he has been avoiding such a sweet thing.

‘I never knew [email protected] is this sweet; since I was born I have not experienced this before. It is sweeter than everything, in fact I wish I can do it every day’ he stated in an interview on Joy FM’s Weekend City show.

The pastor added:

‘My wife has dated before and has experience so she taught me how to do it. I love my wife than every lady on this earth, If you marry in the Lord and you sleep with a woman, God likes it so still the power of God is upon me.’

He concluded:

“I thank God for creating a woman”



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