Bamba TV Launches 24 Hour Sports Channel



Bamba TV, which is co-owned by Radio Africa and KTN, has launched a 24-hour sports channel which will feature sports news, football highlights and local sports events.

The channel will be headed by Carol Radull, a football fanatic, and will have several other Radio Africa staff to host other programs.

Carol Radull describes the happenings as a milestone for football enthusiasts, who have for a long time yearned for an all-sports channel.

“And we’re on! @BambaSport is here! We can’t ignore European football and we will still bring you highlights; but our focus will be local sport because it’s long overdue! Let’s do this!”, she said on her Facebook page.

The sports channel promises to be as entertaining as other popular sports channel, according to Radull.

Bamba decoder is one of the few free to air set boxes in Kenya; it costs Ksh 2,900-Ksh3,200 and has no subscription fees. The decoder has more than 20 stations, including local TV stations.

Other decoders in the market include DSTV,which is a favourite for individuals who have passion for English football,Zuku decoder, which has additional features like internet, and GoTV which is a product of Multichoice.All the listed decoders come with monthly subscription except Bamba TV.




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