Why Kenyan Women Scramble for Kisii Men Despite Being Average in terms of Looks



God was not generous enough when he was creating a Kisii man, but despite denying him good looks, he made sure he gave them the best qualities that every Kenyan woman desires in a man.Today a Kisii man is the most sought after by Kenyan women…of course for marriage.

There are several qualities which make these men from the land of bananas the most appealing to women, women have confessed and even sworn not to quit their marriages despite numerous challenges.

Jane describes Kisii men as awesome, and here is her reason.

“I am from Meru and have been married to this Kisii man we met at the University of Nairobi.

Our journey to marriage started when one evening as I was taking supper, a man approached me and offered to buy me a soda, I accepted. As we were chatting, he introduced himself as Henry,I didn’t mind to ask him about his second name. Later on I realized he was a Kisii,but our relationship had gone far.

After completing my college, we parted ways but one thing that made me remember him whenever aI dated him was how good he was in bed. In fact, all men I dated afterwards could not match his prowess. I lost appetite in men, even ending up being single.

One day I decided to look for Henry on Facebook and I found his profile.I sent a friend request and he accepted.

Few months later, we were again together. This time I promised not to leave him. I made myself good and even hurriedly introduced him to my parents-we married later”.

As Jane confesses that bedroom matters contributed heavily to her marrying a Kisii, Wanjiku,who works as a cashier in Nairobi says she found her husband irresistible after realizing he truly loved her.

“I never thought there is a man who would marry me but despite my man not being handsome,I accepted him as my husband.

My husband, who I married 5 years ago,has been the best thing in my life. There is no single day he has mistreated me, he always treat me like a queen. My man provides, he even exceeds my expectations.

I will surprise you: last year he bought me a brand new X-Trail as a birthday present, I didn’t expect him to express his love that way”

Wanjiku confesses that she believes a Kisii man is the best man to marry in Kenya regardless of what other women say.

“Given a chance to re marry,I will always go for a Kisii man”, she says.

Research also show that these men from South Nyanza are not in a hurry to divorce, which is a plus to Kenyan women who wish to have stable marriages. It is also hard to find Kisii men leaving their children to go to the streets (as street children), they love their children a lot.

Kisii men are not eloquent, they are not among the most handsome men in Kenya but they have what it takes to be ranked the best husbands.


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