Shocking! See What Bishop Kariuki Ngari Said About Raila at Kameme FM This Morning



Bishop Kariuki Ngari, who calls himself a man of God, has said what sinners could not dare mention, and his hate statement was directed at CORD leader,Raila Odinga.

Without adding or subtracting anything, the Bishop in his right senses said:

“I don’t listen to Raila Odinga same way I don’t listen to the devil.
The church must be used to bring down Raila and rescue Luo Nyanza from Railaism
If you find Raila in heaven you should know you are not in heaven.”

Those are remarks on Kameme FM just by BISHOP Dr Kariuki Ngari (Gakuyo) who is Kiambu Gubernatorial aspirant. Yes Bishop of the Church of God. He also leads a forum of Bishops in Kiambu. He has already decided who is and who is not in heaven.



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