December is the best Month To Buy Laptops, School Uniforms and Phones



If you want to buy smartphones, laptops and school uniforms, December is the best month to purchase the items. Don’t wait until January to buy the products because the prices would shoot to the roof.

Previously people used to buy uniforms in the month of January…expect the same even next year. But I can assure you the prices of school uniforms and laptops will increase by at least 10 %.

During festive season, prices of food is at the centre of focus, and not uniforms and laptops. If you go to any of the shops selling laptops smartphones and uniforms, you would notice there are unbelievable discounts but come January the discounts will be no more. It is for this reason you should take advantage of the many offers, especially if you are a student or parent, to purchase the important items.

I always see long queues at bookshops, shops that sell uniforms and in supermarkets during the month of January. We have a peculiar habit where we wait until the last minute to act. A wise parent should simply shop now.

Now try to look at prices of smartphones in major online stores like Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia, Kilimall, Kaymu and others, you will realize that mobile phones brands like iPhone, Infinix,Tecno and Samsung have been reduced significantly in this month. The main reason why the companies have taken such action is because they are clearing old stocks and also winding up a financial year. In January, new phones will be launched with crazy prices. This is the time to help them clear the stock.

As others feast and  drive big cars this Christmas, you should be wise and save for shopping?!!



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