Hardest and Simplest KASNEB Courses (CPA, CIFA, CS, ATD, CICT,CCP)



KASNEB offers diploma, ATD,CPA,CIFA,CICT,CS and CCP,which are mostly pursued by individuals who want to join the fields of investment ,finance and accounting ,but what many candidates ask, which among these courses is easier or most difficult, below we give our opinion based on answers from former students.

The easiest KASNEB courses include ATD,Diploma course, and CS and the most difficult courses include CPA,CIFA and CICT.

Generally, it takes average of 2.5 years for a person to complete CPA course and average of 3 years for a student to complete CIFA course. It also takes at least 2.5 years for an individual to complete CICT course.But ATD, which mostly covers basics of accounting, statistics and finance topics, takes most students at most 1.5 years to complete, meaning that it’s the easiest course offered by KASNEB,but the entry grade for ATD is much lower because it’s a basic course and introduction to CPA.

Certified Investment and Finance Analyst Course is classified as hard because reading materials are scarce. In fact,it’s easier to get reading materials for CPA,ACCA and CFA than it is for CIFA.If a candidate lacks reading materials, even if a simple test is set, he is likely to fail.CPA is somehow easy because reading materials are plenty,where most of them are acquired by popular colleges like Star College of Management, Vision Institute of Management, CA University and Strathmore University. There are however units within CIFA,CPA,CICT and CS which make the courses tough…we list them below.

Hardest Courses in CPA

Financial Reporting

Advanced Financial Reporting

Advanced Management Accounting

Easiest Courses in CPA

Entrepreneurship and Communication

Public Finance and Taxation


Strategy, Governance and Ethics

Easiest Courses in CIFA

Financial  Mathematics

Entrepreneurship and Communication

Financial Institutions and Markets

Regulation of Financial Markets

International Finance

Most difficult courses in CIFA

Financial Statements Analysis

Fixed Income Investments Analysis

Derivatives Analysis

Most difficult courses in ATD

Financial Accounting

Business Mathematics and Statistics

Easiest ATD Courses

Entrepreneurship and Communication

Principles of Economics

Principles of Management



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