Why Each House in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and Central Kenya should Have CCTV Cameras



CCTV Cameras have for a long time been perceived to be for the rich and business premises,but it has reached a time where each individual living in Nairobi,Central Kenya,Nakuru and Mombasa should have one in their homes.

There are many cases which involve house braking and mistreatment of children by house helps. These cases have become so rampant that many parents as well as town dwellers have seen a need to have CCTV and Security cameras.

Andrew, who lives in Nairobi, experienced a traumatizing incident that left him with no option but to install CCYV in his house. A story shared by Andrew reads in parts:

“We closed for Christmas holidays on Thursday and as a norm, I travelled to Busia.After spending good times with my family and making merry,I decided to return to Nairobi.On arrival,I was shocked the door was wide open and everything in my house had been stolen,including my official attire.

The damage was so huge that I almost fainted. In total I lost property worth Ksh288,000 ‘

The incident forced me to install CCTV cameras in my house and my car”.

Andrew is one of many Nairobi residents who have lost property through home breaking. It is due to these cases that people are nowadays advised to spend at most Ksh10, 000 to install CCTV cameras so as you can follow the suspect in case of house breaking.

The many cases of house girls, commonly known as “maid from hell” are rampant in Nairobi. Many young mothers are not aware of what their children go through when they leave for work, but those who have installed CCTV in their homes at least can monitor activities in their house.

CCTV cameras cost average of Ksh 8, 000,It is important to spend this money to install one rather than losing all your property to lazy people.



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