This is What Might Happen to Joho After His Security Was Withdrawn



Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, will arrive in the country from Ghana to unfamiliar reception where his security details will be missing. The governor will then need to look for ways of enhancing his security without relying on the government.

The withdrawal of his security came days after he criticized President Kenyatta, telling him on the face that Jubilee has not benefited Coastal people, instead the government is riding on the coalition government’s projects. His words, did not impress the president and people who surround him..they believe at least he could have respected the “presidency”, if at all he is patriotic. Now his bodyguards are gone, including chase cars.

In this scenario, Joho will be exposed and if he doesn’t move to court to compel the government reinstate his security, he might be eliminated by his “business enemies” ,and not the people  you thought could do the act.

Immediately the Governor arrives in the Country, he would move to court, and a friendly judge would obvious demand that the Government reverse the decision of withdrawing his security, since there is no convincing reason why the government withdrew the bodyguards. But if the governor does not get his security details back, he would be forced to use security from private companies or County askaris, who are not armed-this will greatly expose the governor, who has countless enemies and political opponents across the country. What the governor will not do is hire his own armed security men because if he do that, he will be accused of having a militia, and in this case, his security will be withdrawn permanently, his gun will be surrendered to the government and eventually he will be arrested.

What Joho needs is goodwill from the government or a judge who will rule in his favour.




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