This Was The Worst Composition in 2016.The Student Scored E



KCSE candidates write compositions to prove that they went through 8-4-4 system, but some,who grasp nothing in class end up writing trash. This particular composition caught the eyes of was ranked the worst after the student scored 00/40.

The influence of sheng and low IQ are to blame for the poor score,but let’s read it before we judge.

Write a composition ending with the sentence…”that was the most traumatizing experience”

“It was a Monday morning and my mathe had cooked waru and strong tea because we have no milk in our box.I drink it hot and put my njumu so that I can rush to preps.

I reached stage helter skelter and entered a nduthii where makanga asked kinde but I tell him I have mbao.He took the money and told me to come out when my money is finished.

I sit next to demu msupa, alikuwa amebeba.I tried to talk to her and she chewed saliva. I said I must try hadi ajipe.I threw mistari and after 2 minutes,aliingia box.

We changed words until the conductor told me,”hey dinga iko karibu na stage,pesa yako imaisha.I sweat as my bae closed one eye to tell me good bye.But I told the makanga,”wee buda,ngoja nimalize mistari”.

The makanga alinikazia and told me to run out quickly ama anichanje.

that was the most traumatizing experience