“Wajaluo Wanawake Watamu Tena Wanajua Kuinua”,a Kikuyu Man Reveals After He Did This



I was recently posted to Kisumu and left my wife in Nairobi.This was after I begged my employer to allow me stay in Nairobi but he refused. After settling in Kisumu, my wife started visiting every weekend me but she got tired and broke, and finally reduced the frequency of visits to two per month.

Her decision forced me to look for someone who can cool me down as I wait for my wife.Initially, I thought Luo women are average but I was wrong.

I met a secretary at our office, who agreed one Sunday to come to my house. That Sunday I made sure I entered her because I was really “starved”. So she came and after a short conversation, she accepted.

Niliingiza mara moja nikasikia nduru, akainua na mimi nikajikaza.Aki a mungu niliona giza wakati aliniambia ndio hiyo yote.Hawa wajalua hujua kuinua tena wako tight.

Right now I am confused because my wife cannot match this Luo lady. Can I divorce her for this secretary…I even wanted a transfer back to Nairobi but I won’t, never.




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