This Is What NASA did at Bomas That Made Jubilee Supporters Happy, So Happy



The National Supper Alliance Party was at Bomas of Kenya today where they held a gathering to deliberate on NASA activities, but a keen observer would tell you that the alliance has settled on CORD leader Raila Odinga as the flag bearer.

If you watched the proceedings,you saw Musalia Mudavadi was the first among the coalition partners to speak, followed by Wetangula,Kalonzo,and finally Raila.What does this tell you, that Raila will be the flag bearer and Kalonzo his deputy, meaning that nothing will change.

Despite Raila’s decorated speech, which reads in parts:

“To our supporters, we will deal with election Laws – we promise you that – but YOU must all go out, in every town, village, home, church, school, bus stop every single day and not rest until everybody you meet is a registered voter to send a MASS MESSAGE to Jubilee that they must go home! It has to be done. It has been done elsewhere. It will be done here with your help and the backing of a united opposition”

There is a sigh of relieve from Jubilee supporters who feared Mudavadi’s candidature. The supporters, who originate from Central Kenya and Rift Valley, argue that Mudavadi could slice a sizable proportion from Uhuru’s vote basket, given his neutral stand on various national issues.The supporters say the easiest person to beat in any election is Raila.They know the weakness of the ODM leader, they understand why Raila is a weak opponent and not Mudavadi.

It is not only Uhuru’s supporters who are excited about the news from Bomas,even Uhuru and his deputy are excited-they now know beating Raila is like beating Abduba Dida.




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