This is Why You Should Not Involve Your Child With Family Issues. Read Sad Story of This Child Who Died in the Hands of Divorced Mother



A child has died in the hands of his mother, who was divorced by her husband. The father is a DJ who divorced his wife and decided to live with the baby, but this December, the child was living was sent to stay with the mother. Here is what led to the child’s death:

Social media is one platform I don’t expose my private life neither talk about my family. And I respect it at that and try to keep my private life away from it. What people see in me is a adventurous, humble, happy rastaman, a selector/dj & a reggae promoter in that matter but what they don’t know is Deejay Heartical here has been fighting some custody battles. I got a full custody from the children’s department of my 3boys whom I love so much. But their mother whom we have separated for sometime now kept giving me some hard times when am raising this kids. But as a single father I kept focused making sure my kids have a good time and for me to keep my musical mission going. And to no point did i tell them to hate their mother. This December I had a show in Uganda and I decided to send the kids to their mother since she asked them for the Christmas holidays but as soon as I came back she denied me the small child #Prince and changed his school without my authority only to be told that my son fainted & died in school. Now I have a thousand questions to ask myself: Was I not fit for my child? Why did she denie me the child I have stayed with for more than one year? Did she need to change my son school without my consent? Did such an innocent soul have to go all because two elephants are fighting? Can single fathers take care of their children? When a relationship splits should innocent children be involved in a push and tag? Pride and arrogance can they solve issues? What made her to change her mind and take the child from me? What wrong did I do? What effect has this build in the siblings? Do caring fathers deserve a chance to stay with their children even after separation? Who will heal this wound? All these questions and more deserve some answers but my humble advice to couples that are not in good terms and they have children, please please don’t involve your children in your issues, the little innocent souls deserve both your love despite the separation, pride and arrogance will never solve family issues, at all times be mindful of the children and let them be the first priority, never show the children how you hate one another and every move you make be so mindful of the consequences.
Prince Jerahmeel was a jovial young soul that deserved love and he had a bright future in front of him but I can’t blame anyone for God had other plans as it says man proposes but God disposes. May the good Lord rest his soul in paradise. The bond I had with this little champ only Jah knows and the wound he just left ………it’s huge!. Jah hold me. I and your siblings we shall always love you. Bye bye son




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