NASA Unveils Seven Pillars ,But forgot This Important Pillar-Is This Coalition a Fraud



CORD coalition,now NASA,has unveiled its manifesto,which has a total of 7 pillars.The coalition believes the following key pillars will transform Kenya and make it a fast world country:


1.First Pillar: National Reconciliation and Healing.

2.Second Pillar: Resolving Historical Injustices – Implementing the TJRC Report.

3.Third Pillar: Realizing Equality of Women, Youth and Persons with Disability.

4.Fourth Pillar: Strengthening Devolution

5.Fifth Pillar: Transforming Government – Instituting Responsible and Servant Leadership.

6.Sixth Pillar: Realizing Social and Economic Rights as Enshrined in Article 43 of the Constitution.

  1. Seventh Pillar: Eradicating Poverty and Unemployment.

But analysts say Kenyans are not interested in most of the listed pillars above but would be more than happy to have a leader who will eliminate corruption. It’s sad that no opposition leader ever thought of having this pillar in their manifesto, meaning that Uhuru’s government, which has been blamed for runaway corruption, is similar to opposition.

If opposition is not interested in ending corruption, then they are the same as the current regime.