Kisii Witchdoctor Predicts Raila Win in August Elections-He Will Beat Uhuru



A Kisii witchdoctor by the name Bosibori has sensationally claimed that opposition leader Raila Odinga will trounce President Kenyatta in August elections to become the president.

The famous witchdoctor, who is known for making people eat grass and couple get stuck, communicated the news to the county officials but requested the officials not to make it public.

According to Bosibori,Raila will garner 50.2 % of the votes against Uhuru’s 49.1 %,translating to a win for the former Prime Minister. She further claimed that Raila will win in round 1.Bosibori also predicted that Kisii Governor James Ongwae will retain his seat but the Senator, Chris Obure, will be humiliated.

Below is the photos of the witchdoctor



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