Is This Why Uhuru has Lost Meru Votes to Raila?,Shocking Revelation from Muthomi Thiankolu



  • Muthomi Thiankolu is a Meru who understands Meru political dynamics more than Peter Munya and Kiraitu Murungi.The political analyst has revealed that opposition leader Raila Odinga might garner more votes than Uhuru in Meru region.

Last week Raila together with other NASA principals were in Meru,the reception their received forced Jubilee administration to go back to the drawing board.The ecstatic crowd in the former Jubilee stronghold sent a strong message to Uhurus sinking coalition…that the wind is blowing to the east.

Below is the exact political situation in Meru as we speak,according to  Muthomi Thiankolu

“This is a restatement of my comment to Muthamia Baithambu’s post on recent political developments in Meru County. Some people have been misadvising our President that the dynamics of Meru politics have not changed. In particular, some people have been lying to the President that the rapturous welcome NASA has recently enjoyed in Meru will not necessarily translate to votes. The truth is that unless the President pulls off something major, NASA will get a few thousand votes, perhaps several thousand, in Meru this time. While on the matter, it should be remembered that President Uhuru passed the 50+1 threshold by 8,000 votes. Accordingly, the possibility of NASA getting 10,000 or more votes in Meru, or any other hitherto Jubilee stronghold, cannot be inconsequential. It can trigger a run-off! And, contrary to the denials from the President’s misadvises, the feeling that the Jubilee government has done little for Meru in the last four years is real. There is the Miraa issue. There is the Munya versus Kikali factors. Add to the mix the inevitable fallout that will ensue from Jubilee nominations (disbanding the constituent political parties was a very bad political idea). NASA could exploit all these factors, among others, to secure a few thousand votes in Meru. In fact, NASA is already exploiting these factors! Moreover, a significant number of the Meru voters in this year’s election will be young adults who were born in the mid-1990s. Unlike their parents, and their parents’ parents, these youthful voters have little or no sentimental attachment to GEMA, Uthamaki, Kenyatta, Nyayoisim, KANUism and related subjects. In fact, the real dark horse in this year’s election will be this cluster of voters, not just from Meru but from all over the country. Whoever secures their vote will carry the day on 08.08.2017.
I know the President’s misadvises will tell him that Muthomi Thiankolu is a keyboard analyst, disgruntled element or a radical. It is a free country. Everyone has a right to decide what or who to believe. After all, the day of reckoning is not very far. Meanwhile, the 200 Kilometres of tarmac roads promised to Meru, or the stalled rural electrification projects, or title deeds for the untitled lands of Nyambene, may provide good avenues for making quick short-term amends.
Disclaimer: Muthomi Thiankolu is not a political analyst, having trained only in the study, interpretation and application of the law”