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Best Courses to Study at Kabianga University


Not all courses offered at Kabianga university are marketable,some of them are useless,so as a student you have to carefully select the best course that can propel you to greatness.

Kabianga offers both certificates, diploma, degree and masters courses.

Based on latest research, we present the most marketable courses to study at this university.
1. Certificate in computer skills
2. Certificate in Information Technology
3. Diploma in Information Science
4. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
5. Diploma in Computer Science
6. Diploma in Information Technology
7. Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Primary Education
8. Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management
9. Diploma in Human Resource Management
10. Diploma in Information Science
11. Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences and Knowledge Management
12. Bachelor of Business Management
13. Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management
14. Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Management
15. Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
16. Bachelor of Education Science
17. Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education and Primary Education)
18. Bachelor of Science (Communication and Public Relations)
19. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
20. Bachelor of Science (Applied Statistics with Computing)
21. Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
22. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
23. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
24. Master of Education in Leadership and Policy Education
25. Master of Business Administration (executive)