Raila Pulls Biggest Crowd in History-See How Mankind Flocked Tononoka Today



Orange Democratic Movement led by Raila Odinga with his able deputy, Ali Hassan Joho, pulled the biggest crowd in history of Kenya. The crowd was not paid to attend the ODM rally in Tononoka but they obeyed the will of hearts.

It is estimated that at least 7,000 people attended the rally, which was the first one after president Uhuru visited the area two weeks ago in an empty stadium.

The crowd today at Tononoka shook the entire Jubilee strategy team,who always underestimate the power of “sultan” Joho.After seeing this,they whispered to the president, “we have lost”.

These photos proves that Mungaro is just a donkey in the eyes of ODM and the “Sultan”.Uhuru should just accept-he has lost the Mombasa votes.



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