Breaking News!Arsene Wenger Sacked Ahead of Arsenal, Manchester City Clash



Reports reaching us indicates Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has been sacked.

The decision to fire him was reached yesterday after a closed door meeting by Arsenal Management and stake holders.

“We officially announce the sacking of Arsene Wenger.We no longer need his services”, a statement from the club read in parts.

Already, fans are celebrating all over Europe as they await the appointment of a new manager before the close of the season.

“We are happy to hear this amazing news. We have suffered enough in the hands of this Frenchman. Can you imagine 13 years without English Premier League trophy”, an enthusiastic fan shouted.

Another fan shouted as he threw Arsenal t-shirt on air:

“I feel like c##ming,no pain again”.

After the news spread across the world like Monsoon winds,fans made merry  as they thanked the management for the bold move.The management on the other hand expressed optimism and promised to bring a more committed manager,someone who can instill a smile onto Arsenal fans.

“We know the pain you have undergone for the past 13 years,sorry for that.We promise to hire a new manager within one month,please be patient”,a manager told a gathering in London.

Arsenal are currently at position six in the English Premier League. They will play against Manchester City on April 2, 2017 where they are expected to lose to the struggling opponents.