How an Ugly Woman Can Attract a Rich Man For Marriage



Rich men are very selective. Since these people have money and can attract the most beautiful women, they often shun ugly women, leaving them dejected. But there are several secrets ugly women should master before they start hunting rich men.

Wealth is good, it can bring out the best out of an ugly creature. Wealth can buy anything, wealth can provide all the luxury you need, which is why we always advise women not to settle for less—hunt for a rich man so as to die a happy woman. If you need this man, here is what to do.

We understand it’s difficult to convince a rich man to marry you, but here is a word from the horse’ mouth.

Esther says:

I am Esther and I live in Lagos. From the time I realized I exist, I faced discrimination from my peers as well as the surrounding. Whenever the word ugly was mentioned, everyone looked at me—I felt really bad.

I am dark skinned and my teeth is bigger than the mouth. My upper abdomen is larger than my lower abdomen, making me look like a scarecrow.

This appearance made me hate myself and the people who brought me to this world. I lost confidence because I was a laughing stock. I soildiered on despite knowing no man could love me.Whenever a man approached me, I thought He was joking, then I rejected. After that, he would say, “look at your mouth, it can swallow even a full monkey, without partnering with water deep down your throat”. I got scared of men.

I joined Lagos University, where I learnt the meaning of discrimination. In a room, we are three ladies, men come and pick two of them and leave me stranded. They go out, have fun and return in the morning. That act continued until I got used to. It reached a time I decided enough is enough, I have to look for a man to date.

The first thing I did was to change my wordrop.i made sure I had latest fashion dresses and trousers. I ensured I bought latest shoes and applied latest make ups.

The second thing I did was to ensure I developed self-confidence. This one took time, but thank God I had invested in clothes. I actually realized that clothes and cosmetics can bring the best out of a human being.

The last thing I did was to change the way I conducted myself.Before,I looked desperate,hungry,angry and primitive. I ensured I was outgoing, I hanged out with the right friends and in places where the rich frequented. I also made sure I was Godly, I faked this.

One night,as I was sitted with my friends in a pub,One guy came, before he sat,he pointed at me, “give that girl a drink”. I was excited, it was my first time to get such a favour.

I drank some whisky, a cheap one because I didn’t want him to notice I was a gold digger. After some minutes he said, “Come over her”.

We exchanged contacts and parted ways. The rest is history, I am now married to a rich man”.