Monitoring & Evaluation vs Project Management in Kenya, Which is better?



Monitoring & Evaluation and Project Management are two masters programs which often confuse individuals. There are many professionals who are unable to determine which is better, considering their area of application is similar.

Today we wish to guide you on how to determine the best masters program to pursue, given the two options.

Monitoring and evaluation is more marketable than project management though it’s mostly applicable in NGO’s and government institutions where skills in statistics and monitoring and evaluation is required. This is because there are fewer institutions training M&E professionals in the country and the course is more intensive as compared to project management.

Monitoring and Evaluation is ideal for individuals with skills in statistics, nursing, public health, mathematics, medicine and any analytic related course. This program mostly covers topics in statistics, project management, monitoring and evaluation, data analysis and report writing. As you can see, these topics only favour people with mathematics and health related skills.It is therefore ideal for these professionals.

Project Management is somehow friendly to people without mathematics background, though there are few units which cover statistics related topics. If you pursued marketing, human resource management, public relations and any other soft course, project management is more suitable for you than M&E.

In terms of chances of securing employment,M&E ranks better than project management, simply because there are few professionals with these skills in Kenya. But project management can be rewarding for people who are already employed and want promotions.

For people who wish to work for NGOs,Monitoring & Evaluation is the most ideal course for you.