How Long Does it Take A Job Seeker To get a job in Kenya after Graduation?



Graduation is the most thrilling moment for any graduate in Kenya, but after the achievement a job seeker can wait for up to 7 years to get a job. But the duration to securing employment depends on the course you pursue in college and how aggressive you are during your job search journey.

Based on current employment trends in Kenya, we provide the time it takes (in years) to secure a job based on your degree program

Medicine Maximum 1 Month
Law 6 Months
Statistics 8 Months
Actuarial Science 1 Year
Bachelor of Commerce 2 Years
BSc Education 3 Years
Civil Engineering 1 Year
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 2 Years
Sales & Marketing 2 Months
Procurement and Purchasing 2 Years
Nursing 6 Months
Mechanical Engineering 9 Months
Economics 2 Years
Piloting 2 Months
Human Resource Management 2 Years
Agriculture 4 Years
Real Estate Management 2 Months
Sociology 5 years
BSc Environment 2 Years
Journalism & Mass Communication 1 Year
Political Science 4 Years
Anthropology 3 Years
Oil & Gas Engineering 18 Months
Criminology & Forensic Science 1 Year
Quantity Surveying 6 Months
Architecture 3 Months


From the analysis provided above, it takes a graduate at least 6 months to secure employment in Kenya. If a graduate is lucky, the least time he can wait is 1 month.

The most marketable courses, Medicine, real estate, statistics, law, piloting and civil engineering take job seekers shortest time to secure employment.

Teaching, one of the worst paying careers in the country, takes graduates at least 3 years to secure meaningful jobs, the same case applies to economics, one of the most flooded courses in the country.

The only secret to securing employment the soonest is to supplement your academic certificates with professional certificates. Certifications like ACCA,CFA,CPA,CIFA,CFE,CCP and other popular courses are important for graduates.

Another trick you will use is to camp in major towns, especially in January through to April. During this time, go from office to office dropping your might be lucky.The last and most obvious is to use your networks. The more influential people you know the higher your chances of getting a job in Kenya.