IEBC Salaries in Kenya



IEBC is one of the best paying government institutions in Kenya. The salaries of employees of this state corporation vary depending on job group.

The salaries and Renumeration Commission determines the pay for senior officials of the IEBC while the commission determines salaries for junior staff

We are going to summarize salaries of IEBC starting with the Chairman downwards.

Chairman 1,082,528
Vice Chairman 895,270
Commissioners 700,000-800,000
Senior Managers 350,000-600,000
ICT Officer 75,000-120,000
Accountant 120,000-180,000
Procurement Officer 120,000-180,000
Communication Officer 90,000-150,000
Assistant Accountant 65,000-120,000
Clerks 24,000-31,000
Front Office Staff 40,000-70,000

The highest paid staff at IEBC is the Chairman,who pockets more than Ksh1 million per month.Temporary staff,who include cleaners and clerks pocket Ksh 24,000-Ksh31,000 per month.

Senior managers at the electoral body pocket between Ksh 350,000 to Ksh 500,000 while commissioners earn upwards of Ksh 700,000.