Sony TV vs LG TV, Which is The Best Brand



Sony and LG TVs are the best television brands in the world, but given the two choices, it’s often hard to determine a brand with the best features.

We first outline features which attract customers into buying a certain TV brand. The most appealing features include:

  • Quality of the images
  • Price
  • Whether it’s digital, analogue or smart TV

These are three features a customer should look for in a TV.So, both LG and Sony have the best image quality, meaning buying any either of the brands is safe.

The next thing is price. Sony Television sets are more expensive than LG.The average price of a 32 inch smart Sony TV is Ksh 33,000 while LG go for Ksh 31,000.This means that LG is a better brand in terms of price.

When it comes to additional features, other than the main features stated above, Sony scores. Sony TV has several features, including games and internet. There is also Sony 4K, which is the latest brand with the best images.

In terms of quality, Sony TV lasts for up to 15 years while LG lasts for 12 years. Research shows that Sony TVs have higher chances of serving you better than LG because they are more durable.

In terms of sizes, Sony TV come in more than 15 different sizes while LG have less than 12 sizes.

Conclusion: Sony television wins.