Why Janet Mbugua Quit Citizen TV



Janet Mbugua is officially out of Kenya’s leading TV station, Citizen TV, years after she was poached from South Africa.

Janet,who was among the highest paid journalists in Kenya,tendered her resignation in March 2017,shocking the entire staff at Royal Media Service. But as ancestors said, “change is as good as rest”, and that, “Nothing lacks the end”,Mrs Ndichu had to go.

In a farewell statement,Janet thanked staff at her former station,describing them as “amazing”.Here is Janet’s statement:

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life (Buddha)

I happen to be a believer in doing what feels right when the moment feels right, as long as I’ve thoroughly thought it through, prayed, meditated and know that I can sleep with a sense of conviction in my soul. I’m also deeply aware of how blessed and lucky I’ve been. The opportunity to have been a Broadcast Journalist for 10 years has been humbling and rewarding, with 5 of those years spent at Citizen TV. For that I’d like to thank Farida Karoney and Wachira Waruru, who have believed in me through and through. I know the moment is right for me to take a sabbatical; breathe, reflect, pursue my passion projects in earnest and spend time with my young family. It’s more ‘see you soon’ than ‘goodbye’.

I’m not going into specifics about what my next steps are, that’s not my style. What I can say for now is that I am in a space of renewal and rebirth, without wanting to sound too perceptible. It’s as metaphorical as it is literal.

Sometimes life forces you to reboot, whether you want to or not. Am I scared? Sure. A little. Anxious? Yes. Excited? Very! Broadcast has not just been my bread and butter, but the Ying to my Yang as far as career goes. My go to. My comfort zone. Stepping out of all that familiarity, albeit momentarily, can shake ones equilibrium a little…but that’s not unusual. But, I’m a closet Life-ist who’s ready to own that. Life is too short. Better to live it absolutely!

In the meantime continue to follow the projects I’m a part of, #HelpAChildReach5 with Lifebuoy and #TheJourneyWithJanet with Resolution Insurance, and those I’ve founded; #IAmMotherhood (www.iammotherhood.love) and Inua Dada, of which the latter is going through its own organic transition.

I’m excited for what the next few months hold and look forward to sharing all this with you, right here on this platform and across my social media.

Here’s to life! And all it’s possibilities “

The mother of one is header Red Cross to head the communication and media department. It is said the journalist was offered better parks and more benefits, the main reason she considered the offer. She is overheard saying at Red Cross is more of adventure than Citizen, where she was confined into a newsroom.

She is expected to report to work end of April.