Best Courses to Study at Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)


If you are planning to pursue a diploma or certificate course at Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS),here is a list of best programs to pursue.
1. Diploma in Project Management
Project Management course gives students knowledge to design, analyze, evaluate and make conclusions about a project. The skills are essential in NGO and government institutions which deal with research.

As a Project Management Graduate you will be required to join a team of specialists, who will involve you every aspect of any single project within the institution. A Project Officer is a key person in a research institution, which makes them earn decent salaries.

Studying Project Management Course at NIBS, which is among the leading institutions in Nairobi, will give you opportunity to be among the best paid professionals in the country.

2. Diploma in Customer Service
No one should cheat you that Customer Service is flooded in Kenya? So many companies are opening offices in Nairobi while others are expanding beyond Kenya, if you fail to enroll for the course, who will be employed to work for these firms?

There is no time a Customer Service graduate will be jobless since they can work in different fields apart from what they specialized in college. They can work as Sales Persons, Front Office, Public Relations and Communication Officers.

3. Diploma in Sales and Marketing
What I love about this course is the skills one gets to market products as well as become an entrepreneur.

Once you enroll for the Sales and marketing course, you can focus on becoming an entrepreneur or market other people’s products, but I can advise you to acquire skills which will make you an entrepreneur.

A Sales and Market graduate will not be jobless unless they are not good enough to market products. So many companies in Kenya lack sales persons with skills to maximize sales, if you are talented then you will be a king/queen in your field.

4. Diploma in Information Technology/Diploma in computer Engineering
The courses equip one with modern skills in both software and hardware facilities. Graduates with these skills are the most sought in the modern world.

If an individual is innovative enough, he can make millions with his skills. The people who came up with amazing products like MPESA, Facebook, Twitter and all the social media platforms had skills in IT and Computer Engineering. These are among the leading companies in the world, which declare billions of profits at the end of each financial year.

5. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
I can’t believe that people still shun this wonderful course!

I have personally interacted with so many guys who graduated with a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and they confirm that they’re happy.

Most companies in Kenya prefer employing diploma holders to degree graduates because most of the work in industries is performed by them.

I encourage you with a lot of confidence to pursue this course, but you must be good in Mathematics.

6. Diploma in Supply Management
You will never go wrong by enrolling for this diploma course. Research show that only less than 20 percent of graduates with a Diploma in Supply Management fail to secure employment in their first year of graduation. Even if you are among the 20 percent, you are sure that it will not take long before you secure one.


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