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Most Marketable Courses Offered at Maseno University


Maseno University offers more than 100 degree programs,which are considered marketable in Kenya.But from the list of 100 programs,few have ready available opportunities.

We list the best degree courses to pursue at Maseno University based on the current job market in the country.
1. Applied Statistics with IT/Master of Science in Statistics/Master of Science in Research Methods
Courses related to statistics and researches have become extremely marketable in Kenya due to the growing numbers of NGOs and Government Organizations which conduct regular research.
Statistics is the second most popular course in Kenya after Medicine because qualified statisticians are fewer than the market demand.

A Statistics graduate can work in NGOs such as KEMRI, KARI, ICIPE, ICRAF, ICAP, IPA, AWF, UN and many other related research institutions. Some of the government institutions which regularly employ Applied Statistics Graduates include Auditor General’s Office, Kenyatta National Hospital, KWS,Ministry of Finance, Nairobi Securities Exchange, KNBS,Parliamentary Service Commission and National Housing Corporation.

They can also work in research institutions like Ipsos Synovate, Infotrak,Consumer Insight etc.Also, Audit firms like PWC,KPMG and Deloitte employ Statistics graduates to work as Auditors.
The course is very diverse, that’s the reason why Applied Statistics Graduates work in every sector of economy.

2. Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science was introduced in the University of Nairobi less than 10 years ago but the course was opted by almost all the Universities in Kenya when they realized that the market is in need of Actuaries.

Actuarial Science graduates have increasingly become significant in Insurance, Stock market, Banking and real estate industries. Their services play a critical role in propelling the companies to greatness.

To be a qualified Actuary, a Graduate must sit for Society of Actuary (SOA) examinations, alternatively, one can pursue CFA to become a Financial Analyst or take CPA to be an Auditor.
Actuaries are among the highest paid professionals in Kenya. Some of the experienced Actuaries I know earn close to Ksh 1M.

3. Bachelor of business Administration with IT
Bachelor of Business Administration is a good course for those who wish to enter the business world. The best thing you can do to be more marketable is to pursue professional course related to Finance and Accounting. Some of the best professional courses in Kenya are CPA, CIFA and CS, which are administered by KASNEB.
Once you graduate with BBA and CPA, you’ll never get hard time when searching for greener pastures.
4. Journalism and Media Technology with IT
Maseno is one of the few institutions in Kenya with a radio station where students train practical skills.

Graduates from Maseno join the job market with huge amount of experience, which gives them upper hand over graduates from most universities.

Lucky are those who pursue journalism from the only university in the Equator…Maseno.

5. Bachelor of Science in information Technology/Bachelor of science in Computer Science and Technology
I will not talk much about BSc.IT and BSc. Computer Science since the names speak for themselves. When I meet Computer Science graduates from Maseno, I say ‘oh my God’ simply because of the amazing things they do outside college.

Maseno has a good name which is significantly built by its graduates who are rich in knowledge and skills.

We are living in the era of Technology and any course you pursue which is related to computer science will land you in a nice working environment. Some of graduates from Maseno university work in big institutions like Google, Oracle,IBM and Safaricom,which is something to be proud of.

6. Bachelor of Special Needs Education with IT
They say that Education is one of the few courses which have the most jobless graduates in Kenya, without knowing that Special Needs Education exists.

The world has become more sensitive on issues of human rights, that’s the reason why the Kenyan Government and international organizations have set aside huge sums of money to cater for people who are physically challenged.

A BSc.Special Needs Education will enable you join the system where you will earn even 4 times what the ordinary teacher in Kenya earns.

7. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) with IT/Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nursing with IT
Arguably the most marketable course in the world, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), has continued to attract more job vacancies in a country where health is a sensitive issue.

The salaries paid to Medicine Graduates are awesome; they also have an option of opening their own clinics, so the thought of being jobless should not give such a professional sleepless nights.

8. Master of Arts in Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management
When I was young, people used to advise young Kenyans against pursuing economics, arguing that the course is less marketable. It reached a moment when the number of Economists became countable and opportunities were readily available for Economics graduates. At the moment, a Masters in Economics is hot cake in Kenya and even and the rest of the countries in Africa.

9. Master of Arts in Monitoring and Evaluation
Every time you peruse through a newspaper, you’ll realize that there are several job adverts for M&E graduates.

Those jobs are real and they require an expert in this course. Research is happening everywhere which require your skills.

The course is suitable for graduates in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, International Relations, Public health, Environment and Education.

M&E experts in Kenya earn in excess of Ksh 200,000 and their work is equally exciting.

10. Master of Science in Public Health (MPH)
Master of Public Health (MPH) is suitable for those who majored in health related courses in undergraduate. It can also be pursued by BSc. Biostatistics graduates.

It’s one of the best masters courses offered at Maseno University since most employers are in need of these experts. Some of the Institutions that employ graduates of MPH include KEMRI,ICRAF,Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Ministry of Health,Kenyatta National Hospital,ICIPE and other NGOs conducting research on health,sanitation and HIV.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery is a relatively new course at Maseno University,but the number of students it has attracted is amazing.

This course is no doubt one of the best programs in this college.


  1. Thanks for the information, I have a question, how marketable is BSc Mathematics and Business studies with IT course from Maseno University?