“Naingiza Kichwa Tu,Sio Yote”,I Always Hear From His Room. My Father Has Become a Nuisance, What Can I Do


I am a university graduate from Kenyatta University and I live with my father.I have tried to search for employment for six month, even told my relatives to help me get a job but they have not given me an answer. I finally decided to relax at home.

My problem is that our house is very small, we live in an apartment, a one bedroom house and I am told to sleep in the sitting room. The problem is that I always have sleepless nights. My step mother who my father married three months ago is not giving me peace, noise every night. My father seems he enjoys and always says,”naingiza kichwa tu,sio yote”.The first time there was no electricity, I thought alikuwa anaingiza kichwa kwa wardroom kutafuta torch.

During the day my father goes to work and leaves me with the step mother. She is my age mate and we spend a lot of time with her, she even makes some jokes which if I say do this, she will do it.I don’t know what to do”.