Does a University Matter When I Want to Pursue a Degree Course in Kenya?



“I am Elisha, planning to pursue a degree in economics from a Kenyan university. I wish to know whether the kind of university will influence recruiters’’ decision when seeking employment?”


First I would like to thank you for asking this question.Many Kenyans have such burning questions but luck a forum where they can be answered.

Going straight to the answer, I’d say recruiters nowadays  are not interested to know where you pursued your degree from as long as they see potential in you. What these Human Resource professionals know is that education system in Kenya has been diluted. They are aware that most of our universities produce half-baked students. So, what they do is give everyone a chance to defend themselves in interviews and internships. If you stand out, they will hire you.

The second thing recruiters take into consideration is your professional background. You have said your interest is to pursue a degree in economics.Well.this degree without professional certification, whether you do it from the University of Nairobi or Mount Kenya University, you will find it extremely difficult to secure employment, simply because you will be competing with graduates from other courses for limited opportunities. To be safe, you have to look for a way to stand out. The best way to cut a niche for yourself is by enrolling for a professional course which is marketable in Kenya. A good professional courses for economists include ACCA, CFA and CIFA.If you have mental muscles, pursue CFA and see yourself being employed immediately you pass level 1.Alternatively, you can enroll for MA Economics then PhD Economics so as to start your own consultancy.

The third thing which you shall take serious is your aggressiveness after graduation.We have realized that many graduates, after graduation, sit at home and wait for jobs to look for them. What they do is apply for job vacancies advertised on newspapers and relax. My friend, you will wait until the end of the world. Drop your CV in every office you think can employ you,even when they have not advertised for employment. Try to network, as your friends and friends of friends.Finally, an opportunity will present itself.