“A Solar Revolution Is Coming To Africa” – Emmanuel Katto



EMMANUEL KATTO (one of Africa’ solar energy investors) has predicted a rapid growth and uptake of Solar energy in the coming years. According to Mr. Katto, the rapid surge in mobile phone use on the continent two decades ago will drive the uptake of solar energy.

Fast-dropping costs for solar power, combined with plenty of sun in a continent that has more than half of it’s population not connected to electricity, means solar has huge potential in Africa, said Emmanuel Katto.

Africa’s electricity problems continue to limit the continent with only 40% of Africans enjoying reliable power supply, claims a new report.

Access—defined as living within the range of an electrical grid—remains a major mitigating factor among some countries. While the average percentage for access to electric grids across the continent stands at 66% for the 36 African countries surveyed by Afrobarometer, 13 countries still have 50% or less of their populations with any access to electricity.

Emmanuel Katto has identified solar power as the solution.

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