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List of Best Degree Courses for Women/Ladies in Kenya


There are courses considered best for men as well as women,but not all courses are attractive to both genders.Women/ladies tend to love social science and humanities more than science courses while men tend to love science and engineering courses more than humanities.

Kenyan Universities offer a variety of courses suitable for students based on their talents and interests.

Though the courses are meant for bother male and female students, both genders tend to prefer specific courses at different degrees.

The following are best courses for ladies/women in Kenya:

  1. Customer Service/Receptionist Course
  2. Cabin Crew
  3. Teaching
  4. Tourism & Hospitality
  5. Nursing/Medicine
  6. Law
  7. Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom)
  8. Human Resources Management
  9. Hotel Management
  10. Sales & Marketing
  11. Journalism & Mass Communication
  12. Psychology and Counseling
  13. Graphic Design
  14. Monitoring & Evaluation
  15. Architecture
  16. Psychology and Counselling
  17. Social work

Considering a course like Cabin Crew,very few men are excited to pursue it,which explains why it’s not fit for men.In a class of 30 students,not less than 3 male students can be found studying the course.

Front office/secretarial course is also a no go zone for male students.You will look awkward as a man if you attempt to study front office .