List of Most Marketable Masters Degree Courses in Kenya


It is always wise to determine which masters course in Kenya is marketable before wasting two years in college only to be disappointed after completing the course.

You have the potential of landing the best job in the market when you pursue a marketable masters program,this is because there are few qualified individuals with the qualifications as yours.

Knowing vividly that over 40 training institutions in Kenya offer masters programs,it’s wise to choose only the best institutions. According to Webometric ranking,some of the best masters courses are found in top universities like UoN,Strathmore,JKUAT,KCA,Daystar and KU. Sometimes courses in these universities can be more expensive than those offered in less attractive universities,but it’s strongly advisable to go for quality.

Masters means specializing in a field that you believe will give you leverage over other leverage over other professionals.

From the research we have conducted over years, we have come up with the following findings regarding the best Masters you can pursue and be somebody.

  1. GIS & Remote Sensing
  2. Economics
  3. Actuarial Science
  4. Statistics
  5. Project Management
  6. Project Planning & Management
  7. Monitoring & Evaluation
  8. Monitoring & Evaluation
  9. Public Health
  10. Masters of Public Health and Epidemiology
  11. Master of Law (LLM)
  12. Applied Linguistics
  13. Finance
  14. Business Administration
  15. Econometrics
  16. Telecommunications Engineering
  17. Information Technology
  18. MBA (Strategic Management, Finance)
  19. LLM
  20. MSc in electrical and Electronics Engineering
  21. Masters in Real Estates Management

Despite above programs classified as marketable,an individual must specialize in a line that suites his career.But there are courses which are universal,like MBA and monitoring and evaluation.