Where You Can get a Job in Kenya With a Degree in Forestry



Any degree related to forestry is marketable, and there are numerous jobs you can do in Kenya with such qualification.

Many graduates are often in dilemma after completing college, unaware that several companies employ individuals with forestry related degrees. I make it my work to inform you about the best companies to seek employment when you possess forestry related degree. I am certain that if you drop your application letter to any of the following companies, you will secure employment

  1. Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  2. Ministry of Agriculture
  3. Ministry of Environment
  4. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  5. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  6. KALRO Food Crops Research Institute (formerly KARI)
  7. Kenya Forest Service
  8. Finlays Kenya
  9. Bamboo Trading Company
  10. Egerton University
  11. Moi University
  12. Kenya Medical Research Institute
  13. Agriculture and Food Authority
  14. Kenya Coconut Development Authority
  15. Kenya Wildlife Service
  16. Kenya Counties
  17. United Nations
  18. WWF
  19. AWF

These are just but a few companies where you can get employed. But I would like to tell you one thing: in Kenya, jobs related to forestry are few, which result to high unemployment rate among forestry graduates.So,for you to be more marketable, you have to pursue at least a Masters degree in Forestry-a PhD is ideal because you will seek opportunities in our local universities as a lecturer.

Alternatively, you can be self-employed. In this regard, farming is the best option.