Best Degree and Diploma courses to study in JKUAT


At JKUAT University not all courses are marketable,which is why we list the best courses to study at the institution.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology is one of the public universities with a very good name because of the quality of training offered there.

Most of the courses;diploma,undergraduate,masters and PhD, in this university are in line with the requirements of Kenya’s job market, and there are some courses whose market is not saturated.

Based on the current employment dynamics,here is a list of best degree programmes at JKUAT.

Undergraduate Courses

Degree Courses

Bachelor of Business Information Technology

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Construction Management

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Purchasing & Supplies Management

Bachelor of Architectural Technology formerly (Bachelor of Architecture)

BSc. Agribusiness Economics and Food Industry Management

BSc. Actuarial Science

BSc. Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

BSc. Civil Engineering

BSc. Computer Science

BSc. Computer Technology

BSc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering

BSc. Financial Engineering

BSc. Geomatics Engineering

BSc. Human Nutrition and Dietetics

BSc. Information Technology

BSc. Land Resource Planning and Management

BSc. Mechanical Engineering

BSc. Mechatronics Engineering

BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences

BSc. Telecommunication & Information Engineering

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management

Diploma In Architecture

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Information Technology

Diploma in Information Technology

Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management

The courses we have listed above are the most marketable in the Kenyan job market. We have left out some courses which we believe won’t help much as far as looking for a job in Kenya is concerned.