This is How Hussein Mohammed Plans To Embarrass Raila Tonight-Was He Sent By Ruto!



Hussein Mohammed is expected to interview NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga at Citizen TV.

The highly anticipated interview has a set of 30 difficult questions for Raila Odinga, which are meant to embarrass him and dim his approval ratings. The questions, prepared by Hussein Mohammed and Citizen TV crew, will feature NASA parallel tallying, ICC, post-election violence, Raila past scandals, Isaac Ruto and Kalonzo Foundation scandal. Hussein will also ask why Raila preferred candidates like governor Awiti, who was defeated but awarded nomination certificate, to prove that he is not democratic as he preaches. On top of that, the former Prime Minister will be asked to state his policies and how he intend to fix the economy.

Many more questions will also pop up as the conversation between the journalist and the Enigma heats up. At the end of the day,Raila will be able to answer not more than 5 questions satisfactorily, leading to decline in his approval rating. In short, this conversation will be between a teacher and a student-Raila will simply be answering hardest questions ever.

As he prepare for the debate, he should do his homework well or at least refuse to attend.