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List of Courses offered at Zetech University Kenya


A List of courses offered at Zetech University include undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

There are over 30 courses offered at Zetech University Kenya.The university offers certificates,diploma,and degree courses considered as marketable in the Kenyan job market.Below is a list of courses offered at Zetech University.

Pre – University Courses
1. Pre-University Certificate
2. Bridging certificate in Mathematics
3. Bridging certificate in English
1.Certificate in Development Studies
2.Certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education
3.Certificate in Electric and Electronic Engineering
4.Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition
5. Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management
6. Certificate in Information Computer Technology (ICT)
7. Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies
8. Certificate in Purchasing, Supplies and Management
9. Certificate in Business Management

Diploma Courses
Faculty of Information Computer Technology
1.Diploma in Business Information Technology
2.Diploma in Information Technology
3.Diploma in Computer Science
Department of Arts and Social Sciences
1.Diploma in Community Health
2.Diploma in Community Development
3.Diploma in Counseling Psychology
4.Diploma in Education (Primary Option)
5.Diploma in Early Childhood Development and Education
Department of Engineering
1.Diploma in Electrical Engineering (power option)
2.Diploma in Electronics Engineering
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
1.Diploma in Travel & Tour Guiding Management
2.Diploma in Tourism Management
3.Diploma in Hospitality Management
4.Diploma in Nutrition, Food Science and Health
5.Diploma in Social Work
6.Diploma in Project Management
Department of Media, Arts and Design
1.Diploma in Communication and Media Studies – Broadcast, Print, Advertising and Public Relations
Faculty of Business
1. Diploma in Business Administration
2. Diploma in Business Management and Administration
3. Diploma in Human Resources Management
4. Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management
5. Diploma in Office Management
6. Diploma in Marketing

Degree Courses
1. Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT)
2. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc. IT)
3. Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBAM)
4. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Management (BPSM)