Most Useless Arts Degree courses in Kenya: They are not marketable



Arts courses like Economics and BBA are marketable, but there are courses in Kenya which are so useless that they would take you nowhere. Employers don’t require skills from the graduates of such courses simply because they don’t contribute anything to the company.

Courses like Sociology and Anthropology used to be marketable in the 19th century.They have been replaced by courses like Statistics and IT.

If you waste your time studying NGO Management-I know the name looks cool-you will be surprised no one in the NGO world will give you opportunity to lead them when you have experience.

The following is a list of arts courses which are not marketable in Kenya.

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
  2. Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
  3. BA. in Peace Education
  4. BA. in Sociology and Religious Studies
  5. Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.)
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Technical and Professional Communication
  7. Bachelor Of Arts In Anthropology
  8. Bachelor Of Arts In Gender And Development
  9. Bachelor of NGO management