List of top Private Universities for a Degree Program in Kenya


Private universities have mushroomed everywhere,killing the quality of education,resulting production of half baked students.There are however top universities for quality training.

Information emanating from  human resources managers concerning some some of our private universities is shocking. They argue that graduates from ‘certain’ universities are not fit for the job market. In fact, when they are shortlisting job applicants for interviews, they tend to favour some universities and automatically ignore applicants from some universities.

You won’t be happy to hear someone ignored your application letter just because of the college you studied. But you must be aware there are things you don’t have authority over. In order to be safe, you should consider enrolling for your studies in one of these universities.

  1. Baraton University
  2. Daystar University
  3. USIU
  4. KCA University
  5. Kabarak University
  6. Strathmore University
  7. CUEA