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List of International Schools in Nairobi


Venas News has sampled a list of all international schools in Nairobi,Kenya.Some of these schools teach the IGCSE curriculum while most of them teach the ordinary KCSE curriculum,

There are more than 15 International schools in Nairobi,with  British, Germany and French curricula ,which are friendlier to expatriates and Kenyans from affluent families who don’t wish to enroll their kids to local schools which mainly have 8-4-4 system.

Most of these schools charge more than local schools but their education system is friendlier and matches that of the top schools in the world.

Swedish School of Nairobi
Curriculum: Swedish
Website: www.ssn.or.ke

GEMS Cambridge International School
Curriculum: British / IGCSE
Website: www.gemscambridgeinternationalschool-nairobi.com

Banda School
Curriculum: British
Website: www.bandaschool.com

Braeburn Schools
Curriculum: British
Website: www.braeburn.com

Brookhouse School
Curriculum: British
Website: www.brookhouse.ac.ke

Deutsche Schule Nairobi
Curriculum: German
Website: www.dsnairobi.de

Hillcrest International School
Curriculum: British
Website: www.hillcrest.ac.ke

International Schools of Kenya (ISK)
Curriculum: International Baccalaureate (IB)
Website: www.isk.ac.ke

Lycée Denis Diderot
Curriculum: French
Website: www.diderot.ac.ke

The Netherlands School
Curriculum: Dutch
Website: www.netherlandsschool.com

Brookhurst International School

Curriculum: British
Website: www.brookhurstschool.or.ke

Rosslyn Academy
Curriculum: American
Website: www.rosslynacademy.org

Rusinga School
Curriculum: British
Website: www.rusinga.ac.ke

West Nairobi School
Curriculum: American
Website: www.westnairobischool.org

The school fess for these institutions range from Ksh 800,000 to Ksh 2 million per year,which is more than 300 times what public schools charge.

If you are able to take your kid to an international school,you can select from the list provided above.