Breaking News Kisii!!If You See This insect in a Flower, Please Kill It before it Kills you—It’s Poisonous (photo)



This insect has been identified as one of the most poisonous insects in Kisii.The particular insect has killed a dozen people and a warning has been issued in many villages.

The insect hibernates in flowers ,and when a human being gets close, it clings on him and leaves poison, which eventually spread in the body. The poison is so dangerous that it can kill—it has actually felled many souls.

A photo obtained from Kisii has been circulated on social media requiring people to cut down flowers in case they find this poisonous insect in one of the flowers. The Kisii people have also tasked the Ministry of Health to advise on the best insecticide to spray on flowers to keep this insect at bay.

Below is a photo of the deadly insect.