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List of Best Degree Courses for NGO and UN Jobs


If you are planning to work for United Nations or NGOs,you should target specific degree courses which are highly desired by the two sectors.

Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations top the list of the best paying institutions in the world.In order to get a job at the  UN or the best NGO, you must study courses which are in demand by the institutions.

Apart from some banking institutions and few Insurance companies, no other sector pays more than United Nations.

With a number of institutions introducing courses that match UN entry requirements, very few know exactly what skills the most prestigious institution requires. Below we discuss some of the courses which can easily land you in a top NGO or United Nations

1. Political Science
2. Environmental Science and climate change
3. International Relations
4. Community Development and Social Work
5. Project Management
6. Statistics
7. Monitoring and Evaluation
8. Journalism and Communication
9. Economics
10. Law
We have seen Universities introduce courses like NGO management, which does not specifically give a student technical skills required to perform specific duties within NGO environment.

One of the most important organs of United Nations is Security. The reason UN was incorporated after the Second World War is to ensure there is peace in the world and also to promote diplomacy, that’s why graduates with political science, international relations, law and communication are the key personalities in the institution.

Statistics, Project management, monitoring and evaluation graduates form a core team that’s directly involved in research, which is used from time to time in policy making.

Another reason why UN was formed is to improve the livelihood of people around the world. In order to advance this agenda, social work and community development graduates must be recruited. They are very important professionals especially when there are disasters and natural calamities.

Finally, the world is experiencing climate change and UN is the body mandated with ensuring the issue is addressed. The body therefore employs Environmental specialists who will work on various projects UN is undertaking globally.
Other courses which are required but don’t feature prominently include Finance & Accounting ,Nursing and Medicine.